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Why Choose Foam Engineers?

Is your home drafty? Does your upstairs stay 20 degrees hotter than your downstairs, no matter how much you run the A/C? Are your energy bills climbing, and you don’t know why?

The interconnected climate of your home requires customized answers that consider every part of your home, including its airflow, mechanics, current insulation, architectural features, window placement, and more. 

You need an expert, not an installer.

From thermal imaging to gable fans, we use every tool available to tackle your home’s problems, not just the services that make us the highest profit margins like our competitors. Foam Engineers experts are highly trained in a wide range of techniques that could make the difference between you living comfortably and you having to call another provider six months down the road because the problem wasn’t solved right.

With over 40 years of experience, Foam Engineers’s team will find answers to your questions and customize a solution that’s right for your home, not our pocketbooks.

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Commitment to St. Louis Homeowners

As a locally-owned and operated business serving the greater St. Louis area, Foam Engineers is committed to providing the highest quality insulation services to our fellow community members. We understand the unique needs of the area and are dedicated to ensuring that every home is comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient.

Unlike larger franchises, we are not constrained by corporate mandates or pressure to prioritize profits over customer satisfaction. Our focus is solely on serving our clients and providing them with the insulation solutions that best meet their needs and budget.

We take pride in using the latest technology and tools to identify which areas of your home would benefit from spray foam insulation and which type of foam is most suitable. With our extensive experience and training, we have developed a keen eye for identifying and fixing insulation issues that other companies might miss.

At Foam Engineers, we are part of the fabric of the St. Louis community, and our mission is to serve our clients with the utmost respect, integrity, and excellence. We understand that every home is unique, and we take the time to explain our process and answer any questions that may arise. When you work with us, you’re not just hiring a company—you’re partnering with a local business that cares about your home and your community.

Your neighbors gave Foam Engineers a 4.9-star average!

The long-term health of the client and the longevity of the home is foremost in our minds when we tackle a new project. We want to protect your family and your assets and will not upsell unnecessary services to make a quick buck.

Need proof? Check out our sterling reviews on Google and Home Advisor, with an average of 4.9 stars across over 250 reviews.

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“We went from an average of 78 degrees in the summer with the thermostat set at 72, to having the house at 72 degrees and without the AC on 24/7. LIFE CHANGER.”

– Lori & Dustin M., St. Peters

The Second Mile Difference

Foam Engineers is a proud part of Second Mile Service Company, which was founded on the principle of going the extra mile for your neighbor, no matter what the circumstance or situation.

Our Pledge to Our Customers:

• We will be honest and act with integrity
• We will provide you high quality products and excellent service
• We will communicate and be responsive
• We will treat you with kindness and respect
• If we make a mistake, we will make it right

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Our Service Area

We serve the following counties:

Franklin County, MO
Jefferson County, MO
Lincoln County, MO
Saint Charles County, MO
Saint Louis County, MO
Warren County, MO

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Our Services

Home Insulation Lets You Live Comfortably

Foam Engineers’s home energy efficiency experts act like detectives to find out what is ailing your home. We use technologies like thermal imaging and manometers to find clues such as pressure differentials and pockets of hot air. With the evidence collected, we can diagnose the problems with your home and find a solution that works for you.

Our home insulation services will reduce your HVAC usage, reduce your energy bills, lengthen the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems, and lower the amount of moisture in the home — better protecting you and your loved ones from mold and bacteria growth.

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“the home actually felt warm”

“Previously on cold days, the air coming out of the vents was luke-warm and the house just felt cold. After [Foam Engineers] performed their work, it was 15F outside and the ducts were still delivering hot air through the attic and the home actually felt warm.”

– Thomas T.

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Attic Insulation Eliminates Major Headaches

Attics cause headaches for homeowners.  They retain much more heat and moisture than the rest of the home, leading to Stack Effect in both hot and cold months. Many homes in St. Louis were built without proper attic ventilation, leading to ineffective insulation and poor airflow. 

Ultimately, correcting your attic’s problems with ventilation and insulation will lead to a more comfortable living environment in the home by reducing temperature differentials. Finally, you can get the consistent temperature you want without running your systems constantly.

Finish Your Basement & Your Home with Basement Insulation

Often, homeowners call us when they need to finish their basement, but even homeowners who are not could benefit from basement insulation. Because basement walls are either directly exposed to the cold ground or the outside temperature, basements are much cooler than the rest of the home. It’s like living on top of an open refrigerator. 

Insulating a basement reduces the temperature difference between the basement and the living space. It can give you a livable space while reducing your home’s energy consumption!

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“significant change in comfort”

“Paul Peterson was very informative explaining what I was interested in doing – spraying my basement rim joists. … I have really noticed a significant change in comfort in my home… not only in the basement, but also on the main floor. I plan to have Paul do additionally energy efficiency projects to my home in the near future.”

– Bob R., St. Louis

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Crawl Space Insulation Protects 50% of Your First-Floor Air

A cold crawl space can put a drain on your home’s energy consumption and cause you discomfort as you struggle to get the right temperature in your living space. After all, about 50% of the air on the first floor came from the crawl space. The temperature difference between your crawl space and the house just makes this problem worse, as the warmer air will flow right out of your crawl space due to Stack Effect.

Our crawl space insulation is like an improved version of a crawl space encapsulation. We don’t just treat the symptom of condensation by installing vapor barriers and dehumidifiers.  We insulate to bring the crawl space temperature closer to that of the home, so condensation never forms and the air on both sides has less reason to move.

Stop Cooling the Whole Neighborhood with Air Sealing

If you are dealing with drafts, hot and cold spots, or an inability to heat or cool the living space to your liking, you may have a leaky house. Diagnostic tools like a blower door test and thermal imaging can tell us how bad the problem is and where the trouble spots are. The more leaks your home has, the more pronounced temperature differences will be.

Whether the problems are in your windows, ducts, attic, doors, or elsewhere, we can create a better seal for your home and reduce hot and cold air infiltration and exfiltration, making it more comfortable and energy efficient.

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Find Costly Problems with an Energy Audit

If you are spending way too much money on your monthly electricity bill, you may need a home energy audit. Through a variety of methods like blower door testing, thermal imaging, moisture metering, and combustion safety testing, we can assess what parts of your home are a drain on your systems and your pocketbook.

An energy audit is often the first step in reducing your bills and your home’s carbon footprint. With an audit in-hand, we can find solutions that fit your home’s needs and your budget.

“don’t see why you would consider anyone else!”

“Very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, and their customer service. If you’re considering an energy audit to determine how to best improve and upgrade your home’s energy usage and comfort level, I don’t see why you would consider anyone else.”

– Nick L, Fenton

Remove Ruined Insulation Safely

Insulation that has been exposed to water leaks, smoke, or fire damage can cause trouble for years to come. You may deal with unpleasant smells, ineffective insulation, or even mold growth. If you have suffered pest damage, then you could be exposed to feces, urine, or other contaminants. Do not let ruined insulation fester in your home.

We remove and replace insulation in the safest way possible, limiting the fallout from moving contaminated materials.

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Proper Ventilation Fixes a Problem 90% of Homes Have

Heat and moisture build up in your attic, causing a temperature differential with the living space and increasing the risk of nasty side effects like mold, wood rot, and pest infiltration. Most St. Louis homes were built without proper ventilation, and installation issues plague attics in the area. We estimate that 90 percent of the soffit vents we see were incorrectly installed.

With proper mitigation measures, like gable fans controlled by temperature and insulation baffles, you can reduce your risk of moisture buildup, Stack Effect, and an unpleasant living environment.

“The A/C is finally not struggling”

“They did a fantastic job and our A/C is finally not struggling to keep the house cooled. The A/C now cycles off as it should and can quickly cool the house down. I would highly recommend them!”

– Krista D.

Restore Animal Damaged Materials & Impede Future Intrusions

Insulation is a tempting target for a lot of animals. Birds and rodents love it for nesting, and some animals even eat it. Unfortunately for you, the intrusion into the home exposes your insulation to the elements.  Once it gets wet, it will never return to its original form.

If you have critters tearing up your insulation, give us a call. We can repair the damage and replace your old insulation with animal-resistant insulation, making future intrusions much less likely.

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Kill Bacteria & Viruses with Disinfection Services

Our safe anti-microbial products are EPA registered and effective at killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. If you need to ensure an environment is disinfected quickly and thoroughly, contact us today.

Live Quieter with Soundproofing

Stop living with noise problems! Our sound-dampening experts can tailor a strategy to reduce noise in your home, workplace, school, apartment complex, and more. We offer acoustic treatments to improve your quality of life and meet any budget.

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