A 100 year old townhouse is under renovation in the Benton Park neighborhood.

In addition to the main living levels receiving closed cell and open cell spray foam insulation, Patty Maher of Tiger Lily Development LLC, wanted to add insulation to the basement level of the 100 Year Old Townhouse rehab in the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri.

To help receive an Energy Star Rating, closed cell foam was applied directly to the interior foundation two feet below frost line and left exposed. Closed cell foam is tough and durable and can be used without the expense of studs and drywall. Applied to the open foundation wall, closed cell foam must be separated from the interior by a 15 min thermal barrier. Intumescent paint sprayed over the closed cell foam insulation forms the thermal barrier. If studs and drywall are installed in these areas, the drywall meets the thermal barrier code requirement and would need no additional coating.

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