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Why Choose Foam Engineers for Air Sealing

At Foam Engineers, we bring over 57 years of combined experience to our work. We are hardworking people who have built this business from the ground up. If you start to notice higher-than-average energy costs or if your house has an uncomfortable climate, and things like frequent dust, or static shock,  there is a high chance that you have issues with a high  leakage rate in your home.  We at Foam Engineers can use the right tools and experience for testing and evaluating the home’s issues, and then a work scope for corrective measures – like air sealing – for a drafty home

Because of the interconnected air pathways of a home, you need an expert with installer TEC experience. You need someone who understands how the various pieces fit together (Your house is a system of interconnected zones) to create the best opportunity for comfort and economy. We will find a solution to the most effective and practical approach to comfort and economic issues through various techniques without breaking the bank! We’ll make sure to provide solutions that help with your home’s energy efficiency.

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Pick a Local Air Sealing Company

There are a lot of national chains out there that claim to fix your air sealing problems. The reality is that these national companies provide services that make them money, but they are not as committed to customer service and customer satisfaction as a Second Mile Service company, our commitment is rock solid. We know that our experience and reviews speak for themselves, but we also know that we genuinely care.

We know what it feels like to get that electric bill in the mail,  much higher than usual, but had the thermostat set modestly.  We understand what it feels like to feel the burden of having to pay that bill, but not understanding why it is so high. We understand what it feels like to sit in a house that is so cold in the winter, but knowing that the heater is on full blast. 

Unlike national chains, we do not just “blow insulation and go.” We focus on the long-term health of your home, focusing on ensuring that we diagnose the root of the problem and provide affordable and safe solutions. We have been in St. Louis for a while, so we have our roots here. We care about you, and we care about your home.

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Why Air Sealing is Necessary: The Chimney Effect

With the current way that houses are built, air leakage is inevitable. ​​Consider the chimney effect: Framed houses with various sidings are especially vulnerable to Air Infiltration-Exfiltration Leakage. In the winter conditions of St. Louis, warm buoyant or lighter air rises from the home, leaving the conditioned space and flowing into the attic. When the conditioned air leaves through the attic, air infiltrates from outside to equalize. So for every cubic foot of air that leaves through the attic, an equal amount has to come in through the home’s lower openings, cracks, and voids. 

Good evidence of this is dirty insulation in the rim joist of the basement perimeter and dirty insulation over the wall plate gaps in framing, plumbing, and wire holes in the attic.

Our goal with air sealing is to reduce excessive amounts of air from leaking in and out. We understand this mechanism so well that we can create targeted, customized solutions that are best for your home. Our goal is to solve the long-term problem by understanding the root of the issue.

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Air Sealing Makes the Home More Comfortable

When the air in your home can no longer escape, you can better regulate your home’s temperature. That means that it is easier to cool and heat the home just how you like it. We understand the feeling of fighting with the thermostat, standing there and looking at it set at 72 degrees, but the house is frigid cold. Bundling up in multiple sweaters and sweatshirts no longer has to be the solution — solve the root of the problem! Particularly in two-story houses with one thermostat, we want to give you a chance at the comfort you deserve. 

You and your family deserve a comfortable home that is set to the temperature you want. You and your family also deserve a home with the actual temperature you set the thermostat to. Air sealing will allow your home to be at the temperature you want it to be. There is a common misconception that air sealing will make the house too tight, but that is typically not the case. The goal is to shut down excessive leakage. When your home is properly sealed, you have more control over the temperature and how it feels.

Air Sealing Saves on Energy Bills

In addition to general comfort, we also understand that keeping energy bills very low is important. Seeing a high monthly energy bill can feel so stressful and overwhelming. 

Air sealing can help you save on these energy bills because the air change rate of the home is reduced, therefore the furnace and air conditioner run less to condition the house. 

Energy Star estimates that you can save up to 15% of your energy costs by air sealing your home. That is huge! Air sealing is a worthy investment for protecting your future energy costs.

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The Importance of Combustion Safety Testing

Combustion safety testing is important when air sealing a home, especially the basement rim joist areas. When sealing rim joist areas, testing the draft of the furnace and hot water heater is a standard protocol to ensure your comfort with safety as a priority. Combustion Safety Testing examines whether these flues are back drafting, which can pose much harm to you and your family. 

Maintenance Costs Less with Air Sealing

In addition to energy costs, your maintenance costs will also fall with air sealing. Since you will not be running your A/C or heat constantly, the equipment will last longer. Furnace and A/C will also not be worked as hard to heat or cool your house, so that will also contribute to their increased longevity.

Furthermore, less condensation due to temperature differentials means there is less potential for  water or mold damage to your home and to the heating and cooling systems. By reducing airflow in and out of your home, you are increasing the lifespan of many of your home’s appliances and systems, including your house itself!

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Air Sealing Improves Indoor Air Quality

It may seem surprising, but air sealing also improves indoor air quality. There are two ways that this is possible. The first, perhaps the most obvious, is that air sealing reduces the drafts coming in from perimeter windows and doors. This is preventing air from outside from coming inside of your home, reducing pollen, mold spores, car exhaust, etcetera.  This type of leaking primarily causes increases in energy bills as well as reducing the comfort level of your home. 

We are more concerned about the second type of air leakage. This type of air leakage comes from air leaking out of attics, basement Rim Joist and/ or crawl spaces in your home. In general, your attic’s air quality is much worse than the air quality in the rest of your home. Crawl spaces  tend to be darker, more humid environments, so many bacteria and fungi are growing in those spaces. Attic air tends to be above ambient temperatures in summer making it superheated and super humid.   When that air begins to leak into the rest of your home, you may get issues with decreased air quality, because the attic is connected with vents to outside contaminants. So, with air sealing, you can prevent this type of leakage from happening in summer and winter.

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