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Why Choose Foam Engineers for Basement Insulation

“My A/C doesn’t run all the time”

“The end result was a much more comfortable home in the upper level of my 2-story and my A/C doesn’t run all the time as it used to. Really outstanding work.

A.D., Chesterfield

If your home has a basement and you have recently seen a steep energy bill hike, for winter and even summer conditions, you might want to consider having our professional check your basement’s insulation, and usual leaky rim joist above foundation walls For many homeowners looking to finish their basements, insulation is a must-have for getting up to code.  Making wise choices about insulation, air sealing and  duct sealing, has a huge effect on humidity levels, comfort and indoor air quality throughout the entire home. 

Though plenty of franchise companies out there can handle insulating basement walls, but very few will take the time to adequately assess whether  the basements various systems are working in unison or against each other. For instance, unbalanced, leaky hvac ducting, causes hot humid summer air and cold dry air of winter to be sucked into the home.  When basements are negative in pressure while the HVAC system is running, everything that is outside is being drawn into the living space. 

The experts at our company are highly trained in a variety of pressure differential and combustion safety  techniques that will help us identify and correct the compromises in the basement which will improve the efficiency and comfort of the entire home. Pure Installation will begin our work by using high-tech equipment ranging from thermal imaging to pressure differential manometers to find the right work scope for success on your comfort and economy project. 

After the Pure Installation team fixes your home’s climate problems, you will know that the results of their professional assessment and insulation installation are permanent fixes that will continually keep your family comfortable.  That is why Foam Engineers is St. Louis’ trusted choice!

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Pick a Local Basement Insulation Company 

Besides the quality of assessment and installation that Foam Engineers’s team always achieves, what makes us unique? Many of the insulation companies in the area are typical franchises of national firms. These companies often have no interest in providing quality customer service and will quickly install sub-par insulation in your basement without accurately assessing the inner workings of the home’s various systems . By not focusing on your unique home’s needs, franchise companies will not be able to offer the valuable insight and subsequent work scope that Foam Engineers consistently provides. 

As a part of the Second Mile Service, our commitment to our clients is top-notch. Just like our customers, we are St. Louis homeowners who want to help out our neighbors as much as possible. Our highest priority is protecting your family and belongings, not making a quick buck like our competitors often aim to accomplish. When we tackle your home’s basement insulation, we keep your health in mind and only utilize the highest quality materials. 

Any time we seal ducting and rim joist in the basement we do Combustion Safety Testing to make sure that the hot water heater and furnace are evacuating flue gasses out the chimney properly. Tightening a basement’s air change rate can cause a need for make up air to be delivered to the mechanical area. 

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Basement Insulation Makes the Home More Comfortable 

Basements can add a significant amount of value to your homes, but also make it a lot more difficult to control your home’s climate. Basements exacerbate the so-called “stack effect,” which causes cooler air to be pulled in at the rim joist of your home as warmer air leaves the home in winter out the upper floor into the attic, this pulls in cold air at the lowest region, the basement rim joist. 

Foam Engineers can make your living situation much more comfortable by properly insulating your basement and along with  air infiltration and duct leakage improvement. With the correct insulation and sealing strategies in the basement, , it will be easier for your family to consistently keep all floors of your home closer in temperature.  

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Attic Insulation Saves on Energy Bills

“We have immediately seen the benefit”

“Fantastic experience with Paul, Mindy and their team when they helped us insulate the attic spaces surrounding and above our 1.5 story house. We’ve immediately seen the benefit from the insulation through our energy consumption, reducing the run-time of our unit by ~4 hours a day on like-weather days. This team will take care of your exact needs by tailoring their solutions to your situation and they don’t cut any corners in ensuring you’re getting the value deserved!”

Joseph W., Ballwin

If you have an unfinished basement, you may be tempted to leave it as is to save money on the materials and labor needed to “condition” it. However, the initial investment of finishing your basement will cause you to ultimately lose less money in higher energy bills for heating and cooling your home. 

With the improved climate control of all floors in your home after a basement is insulated, and leaks sealed  you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills every year. Experts say that properly insulated basements can save homeowners from $350 to $1,000 per year, depending on the region they live in and the size of the home.  This does not include the added savings of reduced run time on HVAC equipment. 

A basement without insulation is like a refrigerator that the upper stories of your home are sitting on. The cooler air normally pulled in through your basement when the rim joist and bay overhangs are not sealed, causing dust entry, critter and insect entry,  higher humidity and of course higher energy bills. 

We care not just about the proper climate control of your home, but also about the money you will save over time from our services. 

Maintenance Costs Less with Basement Insulation 

Not only will basement insulation reduce the cost of your monthly energy bills, but it will also likely reduce the maintenance you will have to pay for in your home. With enhanced climate control in your home, your air conditioner will not have to run constantly to maintain a proper temperature at each level of your home. If your air conditioner runs less, it will be less likely to need repairs done often. This factor alone will save you money on your energy bill and on potential maintenance costs. 

Properly insulate your basement, and you will more effectively curb the maintenance costs of water damage repair and mold removal. With improved airflow after having your basement insulated, there will be less condensation sitting around in your basement because of temperature differentials. This, in turn, will help your basement avoid accumulating water on surfaces and allow mold to thrive.

A construction crew is installing a beam of lumber and wood planks, along with building insulation and composite material, to the indoor property of a house.
A beam of composite material and plaster is being installed in the basement of a building to provide property insulation and a wooden ceiling.

Basement Insulation Improves Indoor Air Quality 

Preventing water damage and mold issues with basement insulation will overall improve your family’s health. Even mold that is not easily visible in the nooks and crannies of your basement can cause symptoms like a running nose, coughing, wheezing, dry skin, and difficulty sleeping. 

Besides mold, other contaminants in your home’s air can exacerbate your allergy symptoms and even cause allergic reactions. Experts claim that indoor air contains as much as two to five times more contaminating particles compared to the outside air. Deteriorated insulation can allow more volatile organic compounds to float around the air inside your home, which is why it is important to have the best quality insulation installed in your basement. 

High-quality basement insulation that maintains its original structure for a long time will prevent volatile organic compounds from circulating inside your home. These compounds can originate from substances commonly used in your home, including paint, wooden furniture, and household cleaning supplies. 

Basement Insulation Controls Moisture 

This danger of uninsulated basements cannot be emphasized enough. Moisture loves the lower-lying areas of your home because of the temperature differentials created by multi-level homes with basements. This moisture can infect your basement from a variety of sources, including groundwater from rain and evaporated water from bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, moisture can easily access your unprotected basement if the outside air is humid and seeps in, condensing on cooler surfaces.

A wooden plank is being used to build an indoor structure with lumber.

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Types of Insulation Available

“the A/C is seldom running”

“Today is a 95 degree day and before the insulation upgrade the Air Conditioner could not keep the inside temperature at a constant 72 degrees and often rose to 75 or higher and the Air Conditioner ran all day long. Today it’s 92 degrees outside and the Air Conditioner is seldom running to keep the inside temperature at 72 degrees.

Larry W., Imperial Missouri

Depending on the area of your home and the materials it is built out of, there are a variety of insulation types to choose from that will best suit your needs. The Foam Engineers team will assess your home and give you their expert opinion about whether to use fiberglass (batt and blow-in forms), cellulose, rigid foam boards, or spray foam. “Batts” simply refer to pieces of fiberglass batting,  semi rigid material that are used as insulation.

If you are wondering what an easy way to compare the insulation between the commonly used types start with R- value per inch. R-values are derived from a guarded hot box test protocol.  R-values are typically used to indicate insulation performance based on the material’s measured established heat flow resistance. Foam Engineers will ensure that only materials with proven,  effective R-values will be used to insulate your basement. The team will also take into consideration the unique setting of the basement underground and its tendency to harbor relatively cooler, moist air. For example, spray foam can be an effective insulation to seal off rim joist (wood square areas) at the top of the concrete walls. This area is very vulnerable to air, insect and humidity intrusion.

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Finishing your basement has many benefits, such as increasing the value of your home by adding a decent chunk of square footage to the living space. The basement can also serve your family well by adding plenty of room for entertainment, bedrooms for the kids, and/or guest space. Insulating your basement is a vital step in having it finished.

Although it can seem pricey, proper insulation is a must to ensure that your family’s air quality , humidity,  and maximum air flow from HVAC systems are  improved permanently and your energy bills are not through the roof. It is estimated that insulation, duct sealing and air sealing  in the basement can reduce energy use by up to 30%. 

By choosing Foam Engineers over our competitors, you can rest easy knowing that we will pull out all the stops in assessing airflow in your basement and installing the best insulation for your specific needs. With the variety of insulation types we carry, including TAP insulation for improved pest control, you will know that the type and quality of insulation you are purchasing has been customized for your particular circumstance. Our team is trained to offer you impeccable customer service, as our top priority is providing the best individualized insulation services possible.

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