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A Perfect Application for Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Foam Engineers applies the best insulation materials and installed closed cell spray foam for this job in Maplewood MO. Check out this video and then read about the project and see the pictures below. We install spray foam insulation in many renovation jobs all over the St Louis area.


Overview of Maplewood Missouri Project

This home in St Louis was being renovated and the contractor wanted an energy efficient home when he was done. Foam Engineers was contracted to install 3 inches of closed cell spray foam insulation in the walls and 5 inches under the roof sheathing; this was about R21 and R35 respectively. Closed Cell foam was selected for this remodel job because the cavities were not very deep. It is difficult to get high R-Values in a wall when the cavity is shallow. Since closed cell spray foam has a high R-Value per inch we could get maximum benefit and the contractor did not need to fur out the walls to make deeper cavities.


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