A person is inspecting the ceiling beams and building insulation of an indoor building.

Foam Engineers worked with the architect and general contractor to determine the best way to insulate these apartments in University City, Missouri (U City MO)  using a combination of closed cell spray foam insulation; blown in fiberglass; and fiberglass batt insulation. This one apartment unit took about 6 days to complete.

Foam Engineers High Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Rig with U City Apartment Being Insulated (in background).
Foam Engineers High Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Rig (at left)  with U City Apartment Being Insulated (in background)

Spray foam was chosen for it’s moisture resistance and high R-Value per inch. Fiberglass was chosen where moisture and R-Value per inch were not critical. This combination of spray foam insulation with fiberglass (or cellulose) insulation is often called a hybrid insulation system.

Most people don’t realize that there are different types of foam insulation. Foam Engineers applies High Pressure Spray Foam Insulation. High Pressure Spray Foam can only be installed with the most expensive equipment and most extensive training… but it allows us to install the best performing insulation available. Those hoses, coming from the back of the rig, carry two separate material streams to the gun where they are  mixed and spray applied into the wall or ceiling cavity. The materials are carried to the mix gun at about 1,500psi and 130 degrees F!

For this project we applied foam and then we stapled a netting over the stud cavities. The netting is to contain the fiberglass insulation that will be applied next. We like installing fiberglass this way because it conforms to and fills all the cracks and gaps. It also goes in dry unlike some competitive fiberglass products that are applied wet with glue. A dry application means less opportunity for water to become trapped within the wall causing a mold problem. Of course, installing this way means the fiberglass is packed tight so settling is minimized or eliminated.

This video shows the installation…



Foam Engineers installing insulation just north of The Loop in U City MO
Foam Engineers working just north of The Loop on Westgate Ave. Note Blueberry Hill on the far left.





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