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Why Choose Foam Engineers for Insulation Removal

“Very pleased with the results”

“Mr. Peterson and his employees did a great job with our new house. We are very pleased with results. Mr. Peterson is very knowledgeable, timely and provided excellent service. We definitely would recommend this company.”

Julie B.

At Foam Engineers, we’re like detectives, sniffing out clues so we can put together a full picture of why your home is uncomfortable. We use technologies like thermal imaging to find evidence of problems like pressure differentials and pockets of hot air, and then analyze that evidence to find a solution that will work for you and your budget. Insulation removal can also be part of the solution.

Removing old, worn-out insulation is a great first step to improving the comfort and efficiency of your home’s energy systems. We’ll save you money on your energy bills, reduce your HVAC usage, and lower the amount of moisture in your home that can increase your discomfort and lead to the growth of mold and bacteria growth. 

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Pick a Local Insulation Removal Company

You’ve undoubtedly seen ads for big companies that promise big things at low costs. These big companies provide cheap service at cheap prices because they’re only interested in one thing: your wallet. 

We’re a local company based right here in the metro Saint Louis area, and we’re part of the Second Mile Service company. As part of Second Mile, we’re committed to doing the best job for our neighbors because we live here too. We go the extra mile because we care. 

We’re experts in how your home’s systems interact. We know about how airflow, ducting, attic ventilation, leakages, basements, and crawl spaces are interconnected in your home and create an ecosystem that defines your home’s comfort level. We use our local, expert knowledge to craft solutions that will increase your home’s comfort and save you money over the long term.

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How Do I Know I Need Insulation Removal?

Insulation doesn’t last forever. Most homeowners don’t even think about the insulation in their walls, but many things can damage it over time. You might need to remove insulation if its been damaged. Wild animals can burrow into your walls, build a nest out of your insulation, and just generally be wild animals in there, damaging your insulation with urine and droppings and shredding the place to bits. 

You might also have a leaky roof that gets your insulation wet. Once insulation gets wet enough, it’ll never dry to its former state, and it’ll be a lot less effective. Fire and smoke damage can also leave your insulation unsuitable. 

The bottom line is that you’ll want to get your insulation professionally inspected if you suspect problems. If needed, hire an expert company like Foam Engineers to safely and efficiently remove and replace your problem insulation. 

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Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

“fantastic job”

“Peterson’s team arrived on time, treated my home respectfully, completed their work in the estimated time, and cleaned thoroughly before they left. I’m glad we went with them as crawling out over my vaulted ceiling was a challenge I wasn’t willing to tackle. They did an excellent all around job.”

Matt T.

Working in the shell of your house can be hazardous. You need proper tools and safety equipment. You might be exposed to chemicals, animal waste, spiders’ nests or other creepy crawlies, or other unpleasant surprises. 

Insulation work is particularly hazardous in an attic. If you’re not used to walking around your attic, you might put your foot through the ceiling below you, creating a bigger mess – or even worse, you might fall through yourself! Your attic will also be the hottest spot in your house, especially in summer, and you might face heat exhaustion or worse.

Our experts are trained to deal with all the hazards of working with insulation – from the nasty stuff that wild animals leave behind, to creepy crawlies, to the hazards of working in attics and crawlspaces. We’re trained to deal with the dangerous heat of an attic, and we know how not to put holes in your nice ceilings. 

Trust the experts at Foam Engineers to do the dirty work that, no matter how skilled you think you are at DIY work in your house, you really shouldn’t do it yourself. 

Thorough Planning & Communication

As we’ve said, we’re experts. We’ve seen it all. We know how to remove all types of insulation, from blown-in to batt and beyond. From initial planning to execution, we’ll do the job thoroughly and carefully and keep the mess out of your living space during the process. 

Our experts will take the time to remove your damaged insulation correctly, with a careful attention to detail and a dedication to getting it done right the first time. And throughout the job, we’ll keep you informed so you understand exactly what’s going on and can ask all the questions you need to ask. Removing insulation isn’t easy work, but it’s work we pride ourselves in doing well, doing thoroughly, and doing right the first time. 

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Insulation Removal Keeps You Safe

As we’ve already explained, your insulation might hide all kinds of nasty stuff – soot, animal waste, mold and moisture, and other contaminants. These contaminants can make their way into your home and cause you no end of problems, affecting your comfort and health and your family’s health. Gross, right? That’s why it’s important to get that damaged, nasty insulation out of there and replace it with fresh, properly installed, new insulation. Your attic, in particular, is probably filthy, and it’s only getting worse if you have damaged insulation up there. 

Let the experts at Foam Engineers get that nasty stuff out of there, so you can rest easy. After all, who wants walls or an attic full of nasty contaminants? We certainly don’t. 

Insulation Removal is the First Step to Improving Comfort

Removing old, contaminated, damp, or otherwise unsuitable insulation is the first step in getting your home to a level of comfort that’ll keep you happy for years to come. When the old, worn-out insulation is gone, you’ll have a chance to put in exactly what you need in your house, something that works better with the overall energy and air circulation system in your home. 

Importantly, removing and replacing worn-out insulation can help to reduce the temperature of your attic, eliminating the “Stack Effect” where your house essentially acts as a big chimney, trapping all the heat up in your attic. Eliminating the “stack effect” will help better regulate the temperature in the rest of your home, making your whole house more consistently comfortable.  

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Insulation Removal is the First Step to Energy Bill Savings

“paul knows his stuff”

“They surpassed our expectations in every regard. They recommended ways we could save money rather than trying to squeeze money out of us. They worked efficiently and effectively throughout the day they were at our house. Their work was quality and we have seen dramatic effects on the comfort of our home. I would recommend Peterson without reservation.”

Slade J.

Old, worn-out insulation just doesn’t do its job well, leading to inconsistent temperatures between rooms of your house. Some rooms are hotter than others, often by a significant amount. 

If you have that one room that’s always hot in the summer and always cold in the winter, you know what we’re talking about. That’s a room that likely has some insulation problems. If we remove the bad insulation and replace it with new, high-quality insulation, you’ll find more consistent temperatures throughout your house. And because your air conditioning and heating systems aren’t struggling to keep up with the inefficiencies of a badly insulated home, you’ll see the savings on your energy bills almost immediately.

Removing the old, bad insulation and replacing it with new, efficient insulation will not only improve your home’s comfort but will increase the longevity and effectiveness of your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, saving you a lot of money over the long term. 

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Insulation Removal is the First Step to Controlling Moisture

As we’ve already discussed, your current insulation might harbor moisture problems. Leaky roofs, critter infestations, and temperature differentials can cause moisture to build up in your walls and damage your insulation. And with moisture comes other nasty stuff like mold and mildew – definitely not anything you want in your walls. 

Removing that old, damp insulation and replacing it with new insulation will not only remove your existing moisture issues, but the new insulation will help to ensure that those moisture problems don’t return. Because the new insulation will work more efficiently to keep the temperature in your home more consistent, moisture problems due to temperature differentials will be much less likely to crop up. 

Let the experts at Foam Engineers come in and remove that old, nasty insulation and replace it with fresh insulation, removing those pesky moisture problems and the contaminants that come with them. 

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Insulation is a key part of your home’s energy system. When insulation is doing its job properly, the rooms in your house will be comfortable and stay at consistent temperatures throughout the year. You won’t have to deal with that one room that is always too cold or too hot, and you’ll save money on your energy bills. 

But insulation doesn’t last forever, and it’ll eventually need to be replaced, whether due to critter infestation, moisture problems, settling, or other issues. Removing that old insulation and replacing it with fresh insulation is a good way to ensure that your house is working at peak efficiency to keep you comfortable and keep your bills low. 

Your neighbors at Foam Engineers are the local experts in dealing with all of the problems that old insulation can pose. Our experts will remove that old insulation thoroughly and carefully, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve got the right people on the job. Trust your house to a local company – trust Foam Engineers. 

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