Foam Engineers has the privilege of working on many different and interesting projects. While we often apply spray foam in new construction buildings, we also provide insulation solutions for older buildings, too!

One of our clients, Tiger Lily Development, works with older construction. Based in the downtown St. Louis area, they buy properties that are in various states of neglect. “Saving the city one building at a time” is truly their mantra. Foam Engineers has insulated nearly all of their projects, giving the newly renovated buildings their amazing Energy Star ratings.

On projects like these, Foam Engineers works near the beginning of the process, as the homes are starting their restoration. Recently, we were invited to come back and take a look at one of their extraordinary projects after completion. This particular project was on Wisconsin Street in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Tiger Lily rehabbed two side-by-side sister Victorian houses. The home on the right was insulated by Foam Engineers. We used closed cell insulation on all of the walls. In the unfinished portion of the basement, the spray foam was left exposed and sprayed with a fire rated coating. The underside of the roof sheathing was sprayed with open cell spray foam. This restored home is now both beautiful and efficient.

Click on the gallery below to view the stunning results!



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