A group of engineers are working collaboratively in an indoor setting.

Foam Engineers takes on all kinds of projects. We have worked with Craftsmen Industries on several occasions. To ensure top of the line insulation and quality performance, they choose Foam Engineers for the job. 

On this particular occasion, Foam Engineers worked on the insulation for a flight simulator Craftsmen was building for Boeing. Both open and closed cell spray foam insulation were selected for this job. The open cell foam was a low density, 1/2 lb foam. This is the most common foam used for homes and regular commercial projects. It was sprayed into the hollow metal tubing and supports. Not only does it add insulation – it seals off all air leaks and gaps. The closed cell foam was a higher density. This was 3 lb foam which is commonly used for roofing. It was applied to the underfloor of the simulator.

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