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Why Choose Foam Engineers for Attic Ventilation

If you just can’t seem to get your home cooled properly or struggle with having separate floors in your house with vastly different temperatures, you may want to have your attic ventilation professionally examined. 

Foam Engineers offers the advice of experts in the field of home climate control who know both the outdated and modern techniques for ventilation backward and forward. Our team also uses the highest-quality materials instead of prioritizing using cheap, ineffective materials to make the highest profit margins possible, like our larger competitors. 

We care about our customers, which shows from when we begin working on your home. Our dedicated employees will spend the time necessary to properly assess the current ventilation issues in your home and tailor their improved ventilation techniques to your budget and needs. They will investigate in-depth to determine why the temperature in your living space is uncomfortably high or low and why your energy bill is through the roof. 

Choose Foam Engineers, and you won’t have to worry about paying for ventilation services that leave you with only short-term temporary fixes. 

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Pick Local Ventilation Contractors You Can Trust

Since Foam Engineers is a local company, we care about you more than other national companies might care about their customers. Our team members often live in the same communities as you do, so we understand how important it is to treat our neighbors well and offer them the best customer service on the market. 

Franchises of national companies are typically concerned solely about making a hefty profit. As a Second Mile Service company in the St. Louis area, we are committed to using our expertise to provide you with the best advice throughout the entirety of our ventilation inspection and repair processes. 

At Foam Engineers, our team uses a variety of techniques and tools to thoroughly find out the best way to improve ventilation throughout your home. Furthermore, we will make sure to rule out ventilation issues during home inspections before just blowing insulation into the walls. Many franchise companies, unfortunately, will write off ventilation problems and claim that the only issue is inadequate insulation. This is because insulating walls is significantly faster than assessing and fixing your home’s ventilation. 

You Probably Need Proper Home Ventilation and Don’t Know It

Ventilation is most important to pay attention to in your attic, where warm, moist temperatures can easily fester. Over the years, techniques for ventilation in your attics have changed a lot. Gable vents used to be the way to go, so these types of ventilation will often be found in your home if it is decades old. However, with time comes degradation, and this certainly includes your old ventilation system. As roofs degrade, the plywood inside gets spongy and often needs replacement. 

Many homes 30 to 50 years ago did not have open soffit ventilation. Many times these soffit areas can be opened up for improved ventilation and add to roof shingle life. 

You might think you are home-free if you have had soffits installed within the past couple of years. But even these have proven to fail at properly ventilating your attics because there are still solid wood surfaces between the soffit and the attic.  Like vented soffit metal or vinyl materials when removed, we find solid wood surfaces.  Over 90% of the soffit vents our team has seen while assessing the attic ventilation at local homes were incorrectly installed. With plywood covering the openings of these soffits, this ventilation method essentially did little to nothing for many of our customers prior to our investigation of the ventilation in their homes. 

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We Only Use Modern Ventilation Techniques 

By using the most updated ventilation techniques, we can leave our customers resting easy, knowing that our work will drastically improve their attic ventilation and overall home climate control. 

We install high-speed attic venting fans that customers can control with their Bluetooth iPhones. The a/c d/c motor technology is super efficient and costs very little to achieve the comfort level in the home you’re looking for. 

For example, Foam Engineers will install rafter vents, also known as insulation baffles, to ensure that soffit vents can effectively allow air to pass through them. Not only do vent baffles let fresh air enter your attic, but they also allow this air to exit through a gable exhaust fan or ridge vent. While the gable fan is running, the air pushed from the outside to the inside of the attic will trigger a thermostat that can turn the fan off when a desired temperature is obtained. 

This air cycling through your attic will create a proper ventilation system that is significantly more effective than simple gable vents and soffits. 

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Ventilation Helps Throughout the Year 

The benefits of adequate ventilation carry on throughout the entire year, including the dreadfully hot summers and below-freezing winters.

During the warmer months, heat will easily linger in your attic. Without ventilation, this build-up of heat in one area of your home will, unfortunately, cause many problems for your home’s inner climate. For instance, your living spaces will also maintain warmer temperatures that quickly become uncomfortable. The warmness in your home will subsequently cause your air conditioner to work incredibly hard to keep your home relatively cool. With a constantly running air conditioner comes a consistently high energy bill. Attic ventilation and other climate control methods like wall insulation are essential for saving you a significant amount of money on utilities. 

On the other hand, winter brings its own challenges of snow and cold temperatures. These conditions and excess humidity inside your home can lead to ice buildup on your roof that causes leaks and structural decay. Further possible complications include damaged insulation and framing material and weakening of internal home structures due to mold. 

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Ventilation Makes the Home More Comfortable 

Ventilation is a must to avoid these potentially costly issues in your home. The gable exhaust fan that we install will remove excess heat from your home during the summer and will help equalize internal and external temperatures during the winter. After your attic is properly ventilated, you can cool and heat your home with ease without your air conditioner running 24/7. This will provide you and your home with a level of comfort that is unmatched compared to the subpar, or even nonexistent, ventilation that was likely in your attic before. 

Having our team assess and tweak your ventilation is especially important if you own a two-story house controlled by one thermostat. Maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature across multiple levels is only possible if there are no significant temperature differentials in your home, including in the attic. 

Ventilation Saves on Energy Bills 

Although ventilation in the attic seems unlikely to contribute to overall climate control in your home, whether or not air is cycling in and out of this area is extremely influential. 

A lack of ventilation creates a “Stack Effect” in your home, which ultimately puts unnecessary strain on your air conditioning unit. During the winter, cold air will enter the bottom levels of your home due to the lower air pressure, and this air will then rise to the top of your home and increase in temperature. Without the warmer air escaping from your attic, the pressure differential is easily maintained and exacerbates the temperature difference between your floors. Unfortunately, this means that your air conditioning will overcompensate in order to attempt to correct the drastic differences in temperature in your home. 

Proper ventilation will alleviate the Stack Effect and ultimately save you from a headache when you receive a relatively lower energy bill. 

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Maintenance Costs Less with Ventilation 

The integrity of your air conditioning is another important thing to consider when your home is not ventilated adequately, and the unit is constantly running. When machines work harder for a longer period of time, they inevitably break down much quicker. Air conditioning repairs can easily cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

By ensuring that your home is insulated and ventilated well, you will spend less money down the road on both your energy bills and maintenance costs. Ventilation will lead to less build-up of condensation inside of your home. Correct ventilation also reduces roof and shingle issues over time. 

Ventilation Improves Indoor Air Quality 

By having our team evaluate and fix your attic ventilation, you will be improving not only the level of comfort in your home from the steady temperatures but also from the better air quality. Having ventilation of outside air that can enter your home and inside air that can escape your home is extremely important for remaining healthy. There are a few activities in particular that can generate a high level of pollutants in your home, so it is vital that there is a well-designed method for air with these pollutants to exit your home. For example, even common activities like cooking and painting your walls can easily introduce contaminants into your surroundings. Other niche hobbies such as welding and sanding will also likely bring contaminants into your home. 

Though it can be helpful for your air quality to do these activities outside, the weather certainly does not always permit this. Ventilation in your attic can cycle air into and out of your house without you having to leave windows and/or doors open while it is freezing cold or extremely hot outside. 

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Ventilation Controls Moisture

One thing that cannot be overemphasized when it comes to the benefits of attic ventilation is the reduction in susceptibility of mold to grow and thrive in your home. 

The buildup of moisture leads to mold that can live on many different surfaces, such as clothing, ceilings, walls, and floors. There are also certain areas of your home where moisture, and subsequently mold, are more likely to congregate. Some areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, might seem obvious as places where moisture will build up and stay. But basements are also extremely susceptible to moisture and mold.

A couple of causes of this are liquid seeping directly into your home from the soil outside of your home and leaks in your water heater. Water and mold damage can cost an exorbitant amount of money to repair. If mold damage is severe in your home, the affected area will have to be tented off from the rest of your home during removal. 

Ventilation is essential, and Foam Engineers can ensure that your home is ventilated properly to save you hundreds of dollars down the road from having to pay for high energy bills, AC repair, water damage remediation, and mold removal.

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